Chris Hemsworth, Charlie Day Circling Ed Helms' Vacation Sequel

That on-again/off-again Vacation sequel that New Line wants to construct around The Hangover star Ed Helms seems to be back on again, and with a pair of high-wattage co-stars in pivotal roles.

The movie, from what we are learning, isn’t a reboot of the classic National Lampoon’s Vacation, but rather a sequel that casts Ed Helms (The Office) as a grown Rusty Griswold, son of Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold. Now The Hollywood Reporter states that Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers) and comedian Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) are in negotiations for supporting roles in the movie, which begins shooting in September.

Hemsworth would play the husband of Rusty’s sister, Audrey, who was played on screen by three different actresses in the three Vacation movies prior to this new film. Though the new Vacation hasn’t cast a replacement Audrey, it’s reported that Hemsworth’s character will be named Stone Crandall, and he will be "an up-and-coming anchorman."

Charlie Day’s part is described as that of a river-rafting guide. The movie, from what we hear, will involve Rusty (Ed Helms) and his wife (Christina Applegate) trying to take their family on a vacation. But Rusty, in this update, will carry the emotional scars of all of his father’s past failed vacations across our country and around Europe. He’s reportedly tired of being terrified of taking vacations, and wants to reclaim the family getaway. It has to be better than this, right?

In general, this is solid casting for a film that already was in decent hands with Ed Helms and Christina Applegate in the leads. Hemsworth has let on that he’d love to try a comedy – stealing several dry lines in the Marvel movies, but unable (until now) to let his funny flag fly in a full-blown comedy. And Charlie Day will be very familiar to the Vacation co-directors as they make their debut. They new movie will be helmed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who penned the first Horrible Bosses and came up with the story for the sequel.

Vacation begins shooting next month after a delay over the intended rating (some want an R rating, while producers likely fought for PG-13). Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are down for cameos. Does the new casting make you more, or less, excited?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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