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Chris Hemsworth Getting Heroic On The High Seas In Whaling Drama

At this point, I honestly can't get enough of Chris Hemsworth. And no, it's not because of his abs and his luxurious blond hair-- though, of course, that doesn't hurt. The guy is just so darn likable, in a way that's almost in spite of his good looks. You'd expect him to be some charmless block of wood, but starting with that brief appearance at the beginning of Star Trek and leading into, of course, Thor, he's had a magnetic screen presence that helps him pull off even the goofiest lines of dialogue. Even in a cast as jam-packed with star power as The Avengers, he arguably got some of the best lines.

And fresh off both The Avengers and being virtually the only good thing in Snow White and the Huntsman, Hemsworth is getting ready to lead yet another giant movie-- and this one with roots that go back to some classic literature. No, it's not another fairy tale adaptation, but an adaptation of the book In The Heart of the Sea, which tells the true story that inspired Moby Dick. According to Deadline, Hemsworth would play the first mate who rises to be a hero when his ship is attacked by a sperm whale. The adaptation has been in development for a decade, and is now making the rounds of studios again with JOe Roth, Paula Weinstein, Will Ward and Palak Patel all producing.

Hemsworth has just the right mix of brawn and charisma to make pretty much anything work, especially this kind of survival tale that's like The Perfect Storm with a few people left alive at the end. He's plenty busy with the universe of Marvel movies, of course, but we'll imagine he can make some time

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