Chris Pratt Brings Jurassic World And Parks And Rec Together In This Funny Mash-Up

Did you watch the Jurassic World trailer and feel disappointed by a complete lack of silly goofiness from lead actor Chris Pratt? Well, then we have the perfect mash-up for you...

Chris Pratt's career is at a very interesting transition point. This year he will be saying goodbye to Andy Dwyer, the lovable idiot he's played for years on NBC's Parks and Recreation, and fully moving into his new career as super blockbuster movie star. But what if he decided not to leave his Parks and Rec persona behind, and instead brought it to his new roles? Well, then Jurassic World might end up looking something like this mash-up trailer from the minds at Thanks Mom Productions.

This rather ridiculous mash-up has pretty simple premise, but it's executed in solid and funny fashion. Surely a lot of its entertainment value simply comes just from the fact that Chris Pratt is really amazing on Parks and Recreation, and is brilliant at physical humor - but I'll give the editors credit for picking good clips to go alongside the limited amount of Jurassic World footage that's actually available to the world right now.

As much as I laughed watching this trailer, however, it also made part of me just a tiny bit sad. I have complete confidence that Chris Pratt can pull off the dramatic levels required for a darker blockbuster like Jurassic World or even the upcoming Magnificent Seven remake, but it would also be a serious blow to the comedy world if Pratt stops playing goofy, silly roles akin to what he's been doing so brilliantly for so long on TV. Right now he doesn't have any straight comedies lined up for the next couple of years, and while I'm confident that will change in the coming months, for now I will probably find myself laughing extra hard at his antics in the final season of Parks and Rec.

All that said, we also still really don't know all that much about the character that Chris Pratt is playing in Jurassic World - though all evidence has pointed towards him being a more serious dude. In the movie, his character is named Owen, and he's a scientist doing behavioral research on Velociraptors, figuring out how how their relationship with humans can be evolved thanks to their high intelligence. It sounds like a pretty cool character, but also one that may not wind up making a ton of jokes throughout the film.

We're definitely hungry to see more from Jurassic World in the coming months, and we already know that our next official look at the film will be coming on Super Bowl Sunday. As for Parks and Rec, the final season will begin next Tuesday (a new night for the comedy) and will be kicking off with two episodes, titled "2017" and "Ron & Jammy."

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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