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Clint Eastwood May Star In Baseball Scout Drama Trouble With The Curve

It has been 18 years since Clint Eastwood has acted in a film that he wasn't also directing. Back in 1993 he starred as Frank Horrigan, a secret service agent trying to protect the president of the United States from a psychotic John Makovich, in Wolfgang Petersen's In The Line of Fire, but the eight performances since have been given while working double duty. Apparently he's now ready to break that nearly two decade-long streak.

Eastwood is now considering starring in Trouble With The Curve, a new baseball drama. According to Deadline, the movie will be helmed by Robert Lorenz, who is largely known for his work as an assistant director on Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, and Blood Work and is a producer for Eastwood's Malpaso Productions. The script was written by Randy Brown. Should he sign on, the actor-turned-director will play a baseball scout who is slowly losing his eyesight. On the verge of retiring, he decides to make one last trip and goes to Atlanta with his daughter to check out a hot young prospect. The site says that Lorenz isn't locked either, but once both positions are filled they will begin looking for an actress to play the female lead.

This project is coming as a result of Beyonce getting pregnant - as was announced at this year's MTV Video Music Awards - and Eastwood wanting to do a project after J. Edgar. Obviously Lorenz has worked with Eastwood for years and they will probably be fine as a director-actor pair, but I am curious as to how well the Dirty Harry star will take direction.

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