As a heterosexual college student, I am taught to hate George Clooney. The bastard makes the rest of us look amateurish with his well-kept appearance, witty banter, and general confidence. Unfortunately, the loathing I want to feel is grossly outweighed by deep-seated admiration. He’s just so damn smooth. He’s a good actor, producer, pitchman; hell, he’s probably even better at Chutes and Ladders than I am. The bastard.

In a desperate attempt to pour on accolades to his resume, Clooney will now add documentary re-imaginist to his track record. Variety is reporting that Dr. Doug Ross, himself, has acquired the rights to Our Brand Is Crisis. Film critics and indie low-budget documentary enthusiasts may remember the project from its short cinematic run; however, I’ll refresh for the rest of us.

Crisis chronicles the story of the 2002 Bolivian election in which long-shot candidate Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada hired political strategist and Wedding Crashers extra James Carville to help him win. After a massive campaign, Gonzalo was able to eek out a slim victory. Sadly, the victorious haze of glory soon ended, and Gonzalo ran Bolivia into the ground, abdicating his presidency after only a few short years. Douche bag.

Clooney has turned the project over to Peter Straughan to pen a scripted version. Look for this to be out sometime next year with Clooney possibly directing and staring. Here’s to hoping this turns out a little better than the broadcasted sham that was Ocean’s 12.

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