The uncomfortable energy and chaos of preview night has been replaced by the exuberance of the first, full-fledged real day of Comic Con, which means real panels, more casting announcements and a rapid rise in the number of costumed attendees. There’s no real way to forecast exactly how many people suit up in their own nerd way for this event, but at any given time, if you turn around and complete a full circle, chances are you’ll spot several people hanging out as their favorite characters.

In between various panels, Cinema Blend sent editors Eric Eisenberg and Mack Rawden out onto the floor with a camera and a mission to capture some of the oddities. Given there’s only several dozen pictures here, that full mission definitely wasn’t accomplished, but what is here is enough to give people a pretty good glimpse into what the whirlwind is really like.

From a dead-on Rogue to some novelty Archer rickshaws to your standard pro-Jesus protester, here is the first authentic day of Comic Con in all its delicious glory…

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