So here we are in Hall H, and the Iron Man 2 panel is next. And from the sound of it, Cinema Blend may be one of the few sites that got in. So make sure you stay close to your computer for live updates on the panel, any footage that may be shown, and any general freak outs I may have over the next hour.

4:07 Scott Manns is moderating. The audiences is not pleased at all. Scott doesn’t seem to notice. Kevin Feige sits down. “How do you raise that bar?” “You work very hard and do what you did last time and improve what you thought needed improvement.” Jon Favreau comes mow to screams and applause. He’s holding his phone, he’s filming us. How ironic.

4:10 Clip shown: Introed with footage from the last movie. This is a behind the scenes clip. It’s an ironic clip with titles and such. “STUNTS!” “EXPLOSIONS!” The clip is short. This is definitely a joke. And what do you know! RDJ comes out to surprised the audience! He is fighting with Jon over the footage he just showed. “I’ve seen better stuff in the editing room!” Everyone sings happy birthday to Jon's son Max.

4:15 First ever, real Iron Man 2 footage: Opens to Tony Stark without his helmet on, eating donuts in the Randy’s Donuts. Large donut. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury comes in and talks to him. Stark tells Jackson that there’s no way that he’s going to join his little “boy band.” Stark looks to be having a hard time dealing with the whole Iron Man thing. He tells Jackson “I don’t know if you’re real or a figment of my imagination.” Fury says, “I’m the realest person you’re ever going to meet.”

Cut to a scene in court. Before Congress, I assume. Gary Shandling appears as a Senator! Stark is answering for his “weapon” aka the Iron Man suit. The Senators want it turned over. Stark refuses to give up the suit because “the suit and I are one in the same.” Stark: “I have successfully privatized world peace.” First scene of Whiplash as played by Mickey Rourke. He’s building his suit. Holy crap this looks awesome! Stark is lying beaten on the ground and Whiplash is crashing his electric looking whips. A scene of Iron Man’s suit crashing and him falling from the sky. Scene cuts to an airplane hangar. Rhodes is with Sam Rockwell. Rockwell is showing a bunch of guns to Rhodes. When asked what he actually wants, Rhodes replies, “I want them all.” Quick cut to War Machine. It’s on. Seriously. The audience goes wild.

4:25 Scarlet Johansson, Sam Rockwell and Don Cheadle join the crew on stage. Don and Scarlet talk about the roles they’re playing, how they prepared, how they got them, etc. Sam talks about being here in Hall H. It says he’s very happy to be here.

4:28 Favreau talks about how Rourke went to a Russian prison to prepare for the role. He’s a sex god over there because of 9 ½ Weeks. “What are some of the main themes of this movie?” Cheadle says that one big one is getting Stark to deal with the idea that no man is an island, and having people help him. What was the training like for ScarJo? She says there was a lot of mixed martial arts stuff. It was all about putting in the time. The usual actress answer. 4:35 Done Cheadle asks for the footage to be shown again!

4:38 When asking how he was influenced by the previous actor to play the character of Rhodes, Don Cheadle says that he tried to stick to the script as far as Rhodes goes. He says they dealt with it elegantly in the film. Also, he admits he did a little bit of stealing as well.

4:44 And that's it! Panel over. Not much as far as commentary from the actors, but that footage shown was amazing. The audience loved it. Everyone around me is talking about wet trousers. That's how good it was. Iron Man 2 looks like it'll be an amazing sequel.

Want more from Comic Con? This is just the tip of the lightsaber. Get it all right here.
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