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You don't necessarily expect Daniel Craig to have a sense of humor, given that he's famous for playing the solemn and stone-faced James Bond, but he's a pretty funny and sarcastic guy. Which is getting him in trouble, apparently, now that he's James Bond and people hang on to every word he says.

That's how the rumor got out a few weeks ago that he had been offered the role of Thor, one of the Marvel heroes slated to get his own movie. IESB reported that Craig had turned the role down, but Craig clarified in an interview today that it was just a joke. "I have no idea about Thor. I just was having a joke!"

Craig told the story in response to my question about his newfound fame, and how every offhand remark he makes gets reprinted as a story about Bond. Craig said he knows to watch what he says from now on, which means we probably won't get another crazy rumor about him being offered a role in The First Wives Club 2 or something. It's a shame; he could have made my job a lot more fun.

Check later today for our entire roundtable interview with Craig, which includes his big vacation plans, his code of silence with director Marc Forster, and the secret location of all the good scripts in Hollywood.