Joey King is certainly building up quite a resume. Among her recent roles, she played Ramona Quimby in Ramona and Beezus, and the part of Amanda Peet's daughter in the under-appreciated (and unsurprisingly short-lived) NBC comedy Bent. And those who saw The Dark Knight Rises caught a peek of her there as well-- without spoiling anything, you may remember her as a talented climber. Coming up, she's credited for a part in Oz the Great and Powerful, and now it looks like she'll be getting in on the action for Roland Emmerich's White House Down.

Set to star Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, White House Down has Tatum playing a Secret Service agent who is attempting to defend the U.S. president (Foxx) when the White House falls under siege by a paramilitary group that's taken hostages. As it happens, Tatum has taken his daughter to work for his first day on the job in an effort to bond with her. Per Variety, King will be playing the role of Tatum's daughter, who becomes one of the hostages. I suppose throwing a family member into the mix (and having her come in the form of an adorable little girl) raises the stakes for the action hero in the story.

Days away from turning 13, King seems to be doing well for herself in grabbing roles - her other recent credits include Crazy, Stupid, Love, an episode of New Girl and the upcoming The Warren Files. White House Down certainly has the potential to bring even more attention to her.

WHD is one of two White House-set action films in the works. In addition to Emmerich's film, we also have Antoine Fuqua's Olympus Has Fallen to look forward to.

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