For those of you who weren’t already sold by a bikini-clad Halle Berry featured prominently on the poster of her upcoming movie Dark Tide (or DARKTIDE according to the poster), perhaps this trailer will whet your appetite for shark shenanigans.

From the trailer (via Entertainment Weekly), the film stars Halle Berry as a shark expert with money troubles, who’s approached by a rich man who wants her to take him into the water to swim with the sharks outside the cage. Given that this is a feat that took her ten years to accomplish, she’s not exactly thrilled with the offer...

Honestly, between the Halle Berry bikini poster and the fact that this film is making its grand debut via Video on Demand (March 8), I wasn’t really expecting much from the trailer. With expectations admittedly set relatively low, I was a little surprised to find something that might actually be worth a look as a potentially suspenseful, shark-filled movie. Or maybe I'm just easily sold on shark drama.

Regarding the director, while the trailer obviously chose to focus on the two water-related films actor/director John Stockwell has helmed, he also directed the 2001 movie Crazy/Beautiful, and a handful of episodes of The L Word.

Dark Tide will release in theaters on March 30th after its Video on Demand debut. Check out the poster for Dark Tide here.

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