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Deadpool Kicks Ass And Thinks About Tacos In 17-Minute Fan Made Film

We've come to terms with the fact that we will probably never get to see a real Deadpool movie. Despite the fact that 20th Century Fox has a brilliant script written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, Ryan Reynolds set to star and up-and-coming director Tim Miller attached to helm, the movie has been stuck in development hell for years now and the chances of it escaping grow slimmer by the day. But while we may never get to see a big-budget, officially-licensed movie based around the Merc With A Mouth, the good news is that there are plenty of fans out there and some of them have access to film equipment. Enter Bean Dip Productions.

Despite not having legal rights to the character, a group of filmmakers has gotten together to make Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday, a new 17-minute short film that takes you through the average day of Marvel's popular insane killing machine. It's entirely possible that Marvel and/or Fox's legal team will swoop in to take the movie down at any moment, so watch it now while you still can!

While the short's production values aren't great (what can you expect?) and there are a lot of jokes that will only be understood by fans of the comics, I think this is fantastic. The people responsible have done a terrific job capturing the spirit and tone of the character. If anything this proves the potential of what a feature-length Deadpool movie could be and hopefully someday people at the studio will realize it. To see more from Bean Dip Productions, head over to their YouTube page.

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