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Given the titular hero’s nickname "The Merc With The Mouth," Deadpool is all but guaranteed to feature an endless parade of great one liners and insults that come pouring out of star Ryan Reynolds’ mouth. As many of those great moments as the movie may have, however, it seems that what will be on the screen will only represent a mere fraction of the witty lines that the actor wound up improving and unleashing on set during production.

Ed Skrein plays the villainous Ajax is the new Tim Miller-directed comic book movie, and it was while recently talking with USA Today that he discussed not only the verbal acrobatics that Ryan Reynolds performed on set, but also his disappointment that we will likely only get to see certain takes he did in the finished cut of the movie. Specifically discussing the "Posh Spice" line that Reynolds throws at him in the recent trailer for the blockbuster, Skrein explained,
The only sad thing about the scene was that Ryan did about seven different versions of that, and being called ‘Posh Spice’ is the only one I’ve seen so far. I hope that some of the other ones come out. Maybe (the filmmakers) will release a blooper reel with all the other alternatives. Ryan is such a funny guy and had so many comedic moments. That was just one of them.

For just a taste of context, you can catch the "Posh Spice" line in the trailer below (it’s at around the 42 second mark):
The idea of actors performing improv and alternate takes of certain lines in films is hardly a new concept, and directors like Judd Apatow and Nicholas Stoller have proven many, many times that this kind of approach can result in some extremely funny material. That being said, we usually hear about this method on the sets of comedies – not big time comic book movies. That alone says something about what we should really be expecting from Deadpool and the emphasis that’s being put on making audiences laugh.

Obviously we’ll have to wait a while to get it, but when Deadpool arrives on Blu-ray and DVD next year we can probably expect to see a nice featurette with all the alternate takes that Ryan Reynolds performed – and not just the different versions of the "Posh Spice" line. It’s just another reason to look forward to the film’s release.

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