If you have never seen Deadwood you are, to use one of the series’ most uttered descriptors, a pitiful cocksucker. The David Milch produced Western was the best drama on television that isn’t about Baltimore cops. It was cancelled after Season 3, leaving numerous plot holes unclosed and a very unsatisfying ending for most hard core fans, including me.

At one point, HBO and Milch were making noise about resolving some of the more gaping lose ends (like would Seth blow Hearst’s head off) with a pair of made-for-TV movies. Al Swearengen himself, Ian McShane, says that is too much to hope for. In an interview with Cinematical, McShane says that an unnamed friend told him the set was being dismantled and the chances for any type of wrap-up movie or movies are as dead as the bodies used to feed Wu’s pigs.

This sucks. I can’t really say it any more plainly than that. How can tripe like Two and a Half Men or Sex in the City go on for years and years and, in the latter case, warrant big screen treatment while this show gets tossed on the scrap heap. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen Swearengen, Bullock, Alma, Trixie, Sol and the rest of the gang in South Dakota, get thee to your Netflix queue.

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