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Delta Airlines Hates God

In another example of godless heathens attempting to take over the world, an editor removed all mention of God in the airline version of the English bore-fest The Queen. The Associated Press reported that Delta Airlines, Air New Zealand, and other airlines played a version of the Stephen Frears' film that bleeped out any time a character mentioned God, without taking into account context. The company that provides edited versions of films to some airlines, Jaguar Distribution, said that it was the mistake of an "overzealous and inexperienced" employee. Apparently, that is how the minions of Satan are now described.

While it makes sense to protect drunken international passengers from hearing one character refer to another as a "god-damn foolish bastard," Delta Airlines customers heard an Englishman paying homage to his sovereign with a heartfelt "(bleep) bless you, Ma'am," thanks to Jaguar's modern-day Beelzebub. According the Dark Lords that rule Jaguar, a new censor was told to edit out profanity, but wasn't specifically told that God without the damn could be left alone.

The scary thing is not so much that a guy with horns and a pitchfork is now running a California movie distribution company. He should get along fine out here on the left coast, it's full of his type of people. The real concern is that the censor didn't exercise even one ounce of common sense when performing his job. That when told he should remove blasphemy, he thought that included "God bless you" along with "God-damn you." This guy is still on the job, probably making the next movie to flow through his hands incomprehensible because the lead character is a Mexican dentist named Jesus.