Disneyland Offering Special Ant-Man Sneak Peeks

Want a sneak peek at Ant-Man before it hits theaters? Of course you do. Want to go to Disneyland? Of course you do. Well, do we have a deal for you. Disneyland will be providing a sneak preview for the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe film later this month, and the location could not be more perfect.

According to Marvel, the special 3D preview of Ant-Man will begin June 19 and will take place in the Bug’s Life Theater inside Disney’s California Adventure park. In addition, the Ant-Man costume will be on display for fans to check out before each showing. The screening will use the theater’s ability to create unique effects so the viewing will be unlike anything you’ll be able to experience anyplace else.

The Bug’s Life Theater usually shows the 3D short It’s Tough to be a Bug based on Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. The in-theater effects include the sensation of bugs running underneath your seat and past your feet, so if you have a phobia of bugs, you’ve been warned, this showing may be high on the creepy-crawly scale. At the same time, it’s the perfect place for a preview of this film. You know this part is going to amazing:

image description

Between the two Disney parks in Anaheim, CA, California Adventure and Disneyland itself, there are three 3D theaters. In recent years they have been used to promote multiple films under the Disney umbrella including Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Hero 6, and the recent live-action Cinderella. The Tomorrowland Theater at Disneyland, which was built for Michael Jackson’s Captain EO short, is currently running a preview of… well… Tomorrowland. All of the theaters include "4D" effects (flashing lights, shaking seats, squirting water, etc.) to enhance the experience. We’d wager there’s a pretty good chance that The Force Awakens will get a preview in Tomorrowland this fall. That’s going to be something to see. Honestly, if there's a downside, it's that a normal theater just seems...dull after watching a movie that way.

There is no end date announced for the Ant-Man preview but since the Tomorrowland preview is still going on during the films, less than stellar, run in theaters, expect the preview to run through the rest of the summer. Ant-Man in its entirety will be available for viewing when it hits standard theaters July 17.

Dirk Libbey
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