Dobby Gets His Own Harry Potter 7 Character Poster

The marketing machine behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is working at full steam as yet another character poster has been released. This time though, no photographs needed to be taken of the actor, as this will be the first character poster of a fully CG Dobby the House Elf.

After yesterday’s fake Malfoy poster, it’s more apparent while looking at this image that the styling was close, but off enough to give it away. For Dobby, this is clearly the real deal. The lovable house elf who was so helpful (in his own way) to Harry in The Chamber of Secrets plays a major role in HP7 and it’s nice to see him get his very own one-sheet (via Latino Review).

Scope out the image below and expect many more before Part 1 hits theaters in just one month.