Does This Image Of Peter Dinklage On X-Men: Days Of Future Past Set Reveal His Role?

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Hours ago Bryan Singer tweeted another image from the production of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and I pointed out that while he seems to be sharing bunches of behind-the-scenes pics, none can really be deemed spoilers. But with the release of the image above, we might be breaking through his mystery box.

Back in February, Dinklage signed on to join the latest entry into the sprawling X-Men franchise. Beginning a pattern, Singer announced this himself on Twitter, being careful not to tell us all what role Dinklage has been selected to play. Fans of the X-Men comics were quick to guess MODOK, a man who is turned into a super intelligent killing machine, and Puck, a short mercenary with a big axe to grind. However, Eric poked holes in both those possibilities while reporting Dinklage would be the film's main antagonist.

Singer later confirmed Dinklage would not be playing Puck, nor would he be a CGI character, which might mean MODOK's out. Then, seemingly amused by the anticipatory anxiety he is causing, Singer offered that a hint, saying Dinklage will be playing "not a shy character." This sparked a wide range of guesses in our comments section, ranging from Wild Child to Sugar Man and Gateway. But with today's image comes a new clue in Dinklage's facial hair.

What's a mustache mean? The crew at Blastr are positing it means Dinklage will be playing bold 'stache-sporter Bolivar Trask, the creator of the Sentinels. That would seem to jive with X-Men: Days of Future Past plotline. Check out an pair of interpretations of Trask below, and tell us in comments if you think this casting possibilities fits.

Bolivar Trask

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