Dominic Cooper Could Turn Liv Tyler Into A Savage In The Cure

Liv Tyler and Dominic Cooper may be close to joining The Cure, a thriller directed by The Last House on the Left helmer Dennis Iliadis that has been in different stages of development since 2009.

According to ShockTilYouDrop, Captain America co-star Dominic Cooper would play a man who takes drastic measures when searching for a cure for his ailing wife (Tyler). He turns his spouse over to a bizarre doctor, and the “cure” that’s administered turns the wife into a blood-thirsty savage.

The Cure would work off of a script by Beau Thorne, who penned Mark Wahlberg’s video game adaptation Max Payne. It would mark Tyler’s return to horror after 2008’s The Strangers (She’s even attached to a Strangers sequel.) She also has a fondness for fantasy thrillers, starring in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Marvel’s reboot of The Incredible Hulk. Cooper, meanwhile, has been cutting his teeth in supporting roles, though he’s breaking out – according to most reports – playing Uday Hussein in Lee Tamahori’s The Devil’s Double.

The question becomes when Iliadis could direct The Cure if the pieces start falling into place. As Shock points out, he’s expected to direct Pay the Ghost and The Demonologist for Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and Silver Pictures, respectively. Of course, those in-development projects could get shelved if Cooper and Tyler commit to The Cure and everyone’s schedules clear in time for a production. But it sounds like a script is in place, a director is ready, and he might have two able leads in place. We could see The Cure sooner rather than later.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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