Edgar Wright Shows Ant-Man Test Footage To Comic Con Crowd

Paul Rudd as Ant-Man speaking to Falcon
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Among the many rumors out there about tonight's Marvel panel at Comic Con, one of the most common was that they would finally officially announce their Ant Man movie, and maybe even show off the test footage that Edgar Wright shot recently. And though Marvel didn't announce Ant-Man as one of the four titles they have in active development, they did finally confirm many fan hopes. Not only did they confirm Wright's test footage, they showed it to the crowd, and had Wright himself up on stage to introduce it.

If you follow Wright on Twitter you might have noticed a lot of recent tweets about the weather in London, which Wright admitted was a ruse to keep people from predicting his surprise Hall H appearance. The footage he showed off Wright said was "completely unfinished," and featured plenty of blue screen and wires, but it gave the crowd a sense of what the character will look like when shrunk down to ant size. Because it's all CGI, there was no actor actually playing Ant Man--and Wright himself said there's no casting news to announce.

And that, believe it or not, was that for Ant Man. When will the movie come out? When will it go into production? Marvel's gonna leave that a mystery for now, since they've obviously got plenty else on their plate. We've got much more news coming from Marvel's Comic Con panel, so keep an eye on Eric's liveblog for all the news as it happens!

UPDATE! Here's a full description of the Ant-Man footage!

The footage began with a shot of a long, white hallway with two armed guards standing at one end, guarding an elevator. The camera tracks back and goes through a grate where we see Ant-Man for the first time. He quickly leaps out of the gate – the effects weren’t 100% complete – and lands on the ground, still tiny, and starts running towards the guards. He then hits a button to become normal sized and the guards react quickly and start firing at him. Ant-Man then leaps in the air, shrinks to avoid the bullets, jumps on one of the guard’s guns and then leaps to punch the guard in the face (which causes his cheek to ripple and makes his entire body get thrown against a back wall). Ant-Man then get back to normal size and punches the other guard through a glass window. He then hits the button on the elevator and as the doors open we hear some muzak as he steps in, turns towards the camera, and the doors close.

I will also say that I absolutely loved the design of the costume. While it may not stay the same for the final movie, it looks totally bad ass. It’s a mix of silver and red and instead of being an open helmet like the classic version - it’s much more insect-like and more like that Scott Lang/Eric O’Grady Ant-Mans than Henry Pym.

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