Eleven People Went To See Uma Thurman's Motherhood In The UK

Uma Thurman is far from a bad actress. In fact, she is quite good when she has the right script and is working with the right director. But therein lies the problem: she is terrible at choosing roles. Whether it be Emma Peel in the disastrous Avengers movie or Poison Ivy in Batman and Robin (shudder), she has a tendency to star in some truly bad films. Now it appears to be biting her in the ass.

In the UK (we're talking England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland here), 11 people saw her new film Motherhood. That's right. Eleven people. A grand total of £88 during its first weekend. While this performance was incredibly miserable, it does not break the record for lowest box office totals. That prestigious honor belongs to a Polish film called My Nikifor, which was seen by only one person.

Back in 1959, 22 students at St. Mary College crammed themselves into a single telephone booth. Twice the number of people that went to see Motherhood were willing to have the bodies cramped and squeezed in call box. I think it may be time for Ms. Thurman to give Quentin a call.

Source: Yahoo UK

Eric Eisenberg
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