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Joss Whedon's Dollhouse has not exactly been a hit for Fox, even though the network has apparently promised that they won't cancel the show before the season is over. Still, that isn't stopping the show's star Eliza Dushku from looking into her other options.

According to MTV, Dushku is reminding everyone that she might make a great Wonder Woman if the movie ever happened. "It wouldn't disturb me if it became a reality. At this point, it's been so hyped up it that it would be a challenge. But like I said, I'm not one to take the easy road. I like a challenge."

The word "challenge" is key here, given that Dushku isn't exactly a giant star as a result of Dollhouse, and Whedon spent years trying to get a Wonder Woman movie off the ground with no success. Really, this seems more like a pipe dream than even something as substantial as a casting rumor.