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Elizabeth Banks Takes A Ride Of Embarrassment In Walk Of Shame Stills

walk of shame still

Did you ever have one of "those" days, where every step seemed to be in the wrong direction? Elizabeth Banks is having 12 of those at once in Walk of Shame, director Steven Brill’s disaster-filled follow-up to 2008’s Drillbit Taylor. Focus World released three new images from the upcoming comedy, though none of them do a particularly good job of conveying anything about the movie itself. Maybe the employee who let these out was having one of those days.

Banks plays Meghan Miles, an L.A. news reporter who will be having the most important interview of her career the next morning, as her dreams of becoming an anchor are now within reach. Yet for some inexplicable reason, she heads out on the town and gets completely trashed with her friends. She meets James Marsden’s Gordon, who takes her back to his place for pizza and sex. Waking up the next morning reveals a series of problems to Meghan, including losing her vehicle and... well, you get the gist.

It’s surprising that this is a movie with 40-year-olds instead of 20-year-olds, but the rarity of the situation seems to play into the plot, and Meghan just gets way too carried away for her own good. It also lends a surreal air to seeing the image above, where Banks pedals a bike with high heels in the daylight. It’s not super wacky or anything, but people who have bicycle and graffiti fetishes should be pleased.

The next image is of Meghan in the midst of partying with her friends, Rose (Community’s Gillian Jacobs) and Denise (21 and Over’s Sarah Wright), whose choice of fashion is interesting to say the least.

walk of shame still

And now we have a generic shot of Meghan and Gordon staring into each other’s eyes, presumably while bass-heavy music plays in the background.

walk of shame still

While the hilarity of Brill’s script is still up in the air, Walk of Shame has strong leads and will hopefully utilize the stocked supporting cast, which includes, Lawrence Gilliard, Jr., Oliver Hudson, Ethan Suplee, Bill Burr, Kevin Nealon and Tig Notaro. I’m also hoping that R rating is earned for more than just a lewd-but-tame sex scene. Find it in theaters on May 2, but try not to get too trashed beforehand, so you can remember if it was good or not. Or get trashed to make it funnier. Both are good options. Make an early choice after watching the trailer below.

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