New Ender's Game Movie Photo Shows Ender In The Battle Room

Ender's Game Zero Gravity

The enemy's gate may be down but Harrison Ford's gate is straight ahead in the latest photo from Ender's Game. The picture shows Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin, hovering in zero gravity while Ford's Colonel Graff stands just inside the gate, observing the young student, who may be trying to orient himself in the Battle Room.

Fans of the novel on which this film is based are likely eager to see how the zero gravity Battle Room looks in the adaptation. The story is set in the future, when children are recruited to train in a space-set battle school to prepare for a war against an alien race. They play games with one another as part of their training, which brings us to the above scene, which shows Ender hovering while clutching the handles on the wall in the Battle Room. An environment like that may take some getting used to, however, we know Ender will eventually get the hang of it.

In fact, in addition to running the above photo, Empire Online spoke with Butterfield about the Battle Room scenes. The Hugo star spoke of how uncomfortable the flash suits are, and also shared an interesting tease about one of the stunts he performed:

There’s a really cool sequence where I’m sort of spinning over backwards and I let go of my guns. They’re floating by my side just going along. As I push myself through these two stars, I spin back over and grab the guns, then shoot the people around me. I loved doing that.

That sounds like it could look really great.

The photo is a new look at the film, though it isn't our first glimpse at the Battle Room. It was featured in the trailer and showcased in the film's first official poster. Hopefully, we'll see even more of it as November approaches and more promotional content from the film is released.

Ender's Game arrives in theaters November 1.

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