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If you're a grown-up who is excited about Where the Wild Things Are, odds are one of the main reasons is the soundtrack. The movie had hit it out of the park with music choices ever since Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" scored the first trailer, but all of the film's music that we've heard so far from Karen O and the Kids has been suitably dreamy, well-crafted and straight-up excellent.

Well, music nerds, prepare yourselves-- the entire soundtrack is available for live streaming right now at Imeem.com. We've also got it embedded below. It includes "All is Love," the track previously available online and now ready for purchase at iTunes, but also the rest of the soundtrack, which includes more songs that sound like singles than the average soundtrack, but is also, y'know, gorgeous.

You can buy the soundtrack starting tomorrow, but stream it first in case you need proof that this soundtrack is a thing of beauty. I remain cautiously skeptical about the film itself, but the soundtrack has me swept away.

Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack
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