Ernest Borgnine And Mickey Rooney's Night Club To Close Phoenix Film Festival

One of the main reasons why I prefer writing about movies to music is that it’s so much easier to keep track of everything going on. With only a few big budget films and several under the radar releases each week, one can reasonably stay up to speed with the majority without bypassing entire genres. Now and again though, a completed film will absolutely blindside me that I had no idea ever even went into production. The following story is one of those cases.

Apparently, Ernest Borgnine and Mickey Rooney joined forces with Paul Sorvino, Rance Howard and Sally Kellerman awhile ago, and now the finished product is set to close the Phoenix Film Festival in April. According to The Toronto Star, the film is entitled Night Club, and it follows some lively nursing home patients who convince three college students to start the party every evening after the rest of the straight-laced workers have gone home. American Pie’s Natasha Lyonne and Gran Torino’s Ahney Her are also on board to play two-thirds of the aforementioned USC students.

Depending on how the screening goes, Night Club could get a wider release or end up on a cable channel at some obscure hour about a year from now. We shall see. These old people loosen up movies are usually highly enjoyable or terrible. I’ll reserve judgment until I at least see some footage.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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