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Bella Swan is getting a new step-father. The character of Phil Dwyer has probably been pretty much forgotten by all but the most hardcore of Twilight fans; but remember that part at the beginning of the first movie when Bella’s packing up and leaving her mother’s house? That guy hanging around the car helping her pack was Matt Bushell playing Bella’s pro baseball playing step-father Phil. Yeah Bushell’s out.

Summit tells Ecranlarge that actor Ty Olsson has been offered the part of Phil Dwyer in the upcoming final Twilight movie Breaking Dawn. Fans of the SyFy Channel original series Eureka may recognize Olsson, who had a recurring role on the series as the robot sheriff Deputy Andy. He’s done a lot of science fiction actually, appearing on shows like V, Defying Gravity, and Battlestar Galactica.

Odds are you won’t see a lot of him in Breaking Dawn. Phil’s only real part in the film is to show up at Bella’s wedding and remain clueless about her about to be husband’s vampire nature. Even a robot Sheriff can handle that.

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