Is The Fantastic Four Reboot Changing The Thing's Eye Color?

It hasn’t taken much to send diehard Fantastic Four fans into a hissy fit over Josh Trank’s impending reboot. Even though all seemed to be going relatively well over the last few months ahead of its release in August, fans have now found something new to get furious over in the color of The Thing’s eyes. I do believe that at this point children of the internet all across the world usually drop a WTF.

But do Fantastic Four fans have a point? Well, let’s check out the evidence out for ourselves. One eagle-eyed Reddit user is the reason for this entire kerfuffle. Yuloforce originally noticed that Josh Trank and the powers that be over at Fantastic Four altered The Thing’s retinas. But rather than keeping that information to himself and immediately moving on with his life, yuloforce decided to share the outcry with others online. You can check out the close-up image from a poster cited below.

As you can imagine, fans didn’t take the news that The Thing’s eyes are now brown rather than blue well. Their complaint is that Ben Grimm often referes to himself as "the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Thing." However, it should also be noted that, according to Comic, The Thing’s eyes did appear to be blue in the earlier teaser, so this could just be a small mistake from the person who created the latest batch of Fantastic Four posters.

That didn’t stop posts almost instantly turning up suggesting that this is just the latest in a number of creative decisions that have been made by those in control of the reboot that proves Fantastic Four will be an utter humiliation.

For those of you keeping score this is the umpteenth complaint that has come Fantastic Four’s way ever since Josh Trank took over the series. Even though Trank is working from a script from Simon Kinberg, who most recently worked wonders on X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and cited the likes of David Cronenberg, Steven Spielberg, and Tim Burton as influences on his blockbuster, Fantastic Four aficionados were more concerned with the colour of Michael B. Jordan’s skin, the suggestion that the outfits would be changed, and several other aesthetic alterations, which now include The Thing’s eyes, and have been predicting that the reboot would be a failure for quite some time.

However, after the first trailer for the Fantastic Four debuted earlier this year to a positive response, fan complaints began to drift into silence, as they quickly came to the conclusion that the Chronicle director actually knew what he was doing. We’ll see if that’s actually the case when Fantastic Four is released on August 7, 2015.

Gregory Wakeman