Fifty Shades Of Grey: Man Allegedly Attacked By 3 Women During Screening

It's been long predicted that Fifty Shades Of Grey would make a splash wherever it went, and with the film in theaters as of this past weekend, the buzz is only growing louder. You can't even walk through the main aisle of Target without passing the novel, some greeting cards, and even certain "accouterments" that are all marketed towards the hardcore fan base that sold out cinemas worldwide between last Thursday and today. So it really shouldn't come as any surprise that there was allegedly an altercation between an innocent bystander and some really eager fans during a screening this weekend – albeit, perhaps not in the manner you'd expect.

The Telegraph has reported that an incident supposedly occurred between a man and three reportedly drunk viewers in a theater showing Fifty Shades Of Grey in Glasgow, Scotland. What sort of incident? Well, it depends on who's telling the story, as the details haven't exactly been consistent. What is consistent are the statements about the basic elements of the story: three women were apparently being rowdy in the theater, and a man sitting nearby asked them to be more considerate. From there the man was accosted by the three women, who were arrested after the incident.

If you're starting to feel like you're in a verbal minefield while reading this story, you're not alone. The Telegraph's story is comprised of accounts that report everything from the victim suffering no injuries to the victim bleeding after being "glassed" during the incident (which is to say cut with a wine bottle). Before you go worrying about showing up to that Thirsty Thursday screening of Fifty Shades Of Grey you just bought tickets to, the official line from the theater's spokesperson is that there were no injuries sustained, and no hospital visits were required.

While Fifty Shades Of Grey is one of those movies that you'd expect to generate some interesting screening stories, you wouldn't think violence would be on the top of the list of possible scenarios. In fact, it's kind of surprising that out of all of the possibilities for more amorous happenings being executed in a screening of this film, both by one's self or with a partner, this really is quite a surprise.

Undoubtedly, we'll be hearing some more interesting stories involving some eventful screenings of Fifty Shades Of Grey. However, this one is going to be extremely tough to beat. Still, Fifty Shades Of Grey is now in theaters, and hopefully all audiences will feel free to enjoy it without interruption, or any fantasies that it may inspire. Don't take points from the three women at the center of this article, and please be courteous your fellow moviegoers, because the last thing you want on your record is being, "that jerk who couldn't sit through Fifty Shades Of Grey without being disruptive." It's not a good look.

Mike Reyes
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