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One thing the Final Destination movies have done well (and this might be the only thing) is finding new and fantastical ways for people to die. Disgusting, outlandish and crazy death scenes do not a movie make, but the Final Destination people keep creating every death scenario known to man. Whether it’s getting fried in a tanning bed, pumped full of nails from a nail gun, flattened with a huge glass plate, nailed by flying debris at a NASCAR race, or choking in a bathtub , Final Destination knows something about getting people killed. Now in their fifth installment, weirdly renamed 5nal Destination (I am going to pronounce it “Five-inal Destination”) Bloody Disgusting is reporting they have a new opening scene to whet your death whistle.

The new opener will have some unsuspecting young teenager, who’s dodged death more than once, get flattened by a suspension bridge. I can’t even imagine the machinations and horrifically bad luck needed to bring down a suspension bridge on some kid, but no doubt 5nal Destination has a gory storyboard down pat at this point.

Steven Quale (worked under James Cameron on Avatar) will direct the next the movie in the crapilogy (I would have called it Final Destination: Death Orders a Martini). And just for those wanting a little taste of the other opening scenes from Final Destinations gone by, here is a great video montage.

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