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Final Monsters University Trailer Reveals It's Basically Revenge Of The Nerds

Two gawky teens go to college looking to pursue an education that will hopefully prepare them for their dream job. However, they soon find that the school is ruled by bullying jocks and frat members who jostle our heroes to outsider status. Still, our plucky protagonists must harness their offbeat talents—as well as those of their fellow so-called "nerds"—and show what they're really made of! This is basically the breakdown of the memorable 1980s comedy Revenge of the Nerds, and according to the above trailer, it also seems to fit for Monsters University.

Since this sequel to Monsters Inc. was announced, we've been promised a story that would reveal how Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) met and became best friends. The film's first teasers suggested these two did not initially hit it off. From there Pixar gave us a look into the world of Monsters University with a clever ad that parodied the glossy aspirational commercials colleges use to promote themselves. While their latest trailer gives us the most thorough look at the prequel's plot, it also asks if you have what it takes to succeed at MU. You can take the M.A.T. (Monster Aptitude Test) here. Answer some questions and see how you stack up.

As to how this polarizing prequel will stack up, Eric Eisenberg had the opportunity to see an unfinished cut of the film last week at CinemaCon and without giving a full review did declare it "very impressive."

You'll get to see for yourself when Monsters University opens June 21st.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.