We don't know much right now about Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, but all it takes is the barest details to get us interested-- Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and the director of Children of Men, working together on a tense drama set in outer space. The film has been kept under wraps since it went into production in 2011 and was delayed at least a year for unspecified reasons, though given the director's stellar track record that only made us more anxious to see it.

Now we're finally ready to get a look at the film's first trailer, but in this modern world, even the best-looking films don't get by unsullied by an insipid Entertainment Tonight sneak peek first. The above clip gives us our first looks at Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in their space suits, presumably at the beginning of the film that, as we understand it, is mostly about Bullock on her own and lost in space. Even when the film was part of a presentation at CinemaCon Eric didn't get to see much more of it, though he did promise that the footage is very visually impressive.

Though they're being a little vague about it, presumably to play off of Clooney's star power, the implication certainly seems to be that after a satellite crashes into the space station where they're working, Clooney is killed and Bullock is left floating in space alone, driven to return to Earth and be reunited with her family (we have no idea if that's actually a spoiler-- again, this is just based on the hints we have so far). If you're not intrigued enough to see what happens when Bullock is left shouldering a film almost entirely by herself, we've been salivating for nearly three years over a report that the film features a 20-minute long unbroken take set in space-- though since that rumor popped up back when Robert Downey Jr. was set to play Clooney's role, who knows how that might have change.

Gravity's full trailer arrives Thursday, and the film itself comes to theaters October 4.

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