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Smurfs 2, which should (and will) probably be called the 'smurfsquel,' is scheduled for release next summer and once again finds the beloved small blue creatures battling Gargamel with the help of Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays. Okay, so maybe the last two weren't part of Peyo's original vision, or their now newborn baby, but human interaction is kind of necessary when the battle is brought to our world.

And, as you can see in this image from the smurfsquel (okay, so I'm just ripping off squeakquel but I think it works better here), courtesy of EW's Family Room, the action is still going to unfold in our world and, by the looks of it, in France. Oh, yeah and these new monsters aren't blue. The characters showcased in the first look, Vexy and Hackus (voiced by Christina Ricci and JB Smoove), are called the "Naughties" and were created by Gargamel (Hank Azaria) to cause problems for the little blue heroes.

Just as Smurfette was originally a Smurf of a different color - the comic creator Peyo introduced the character as a dark haired imp of Gargamel's creation before Papa Smurf soon turned her blue because of her inherent goodness - Vexy and Hackus will also begin their journey "clay grey" and working for the bad guy, but something tells me blue may be in their future. Just call it a hunch, only furthered by director Raja Gosnell saying that the Naughties are “not bad, they’re misguided. They’re just products of their upbringing. And they haven’t had the best upbringing, let’s say.”

Gosnell goes on to describe the characters, Vexy as smart, michevious and full of attitude with Hackus as funny and physical, using the Tasmanian Devil as a jumping off point. Gargamel hasn't just been busy creating his new minions (children?), he's also used his powers to become a hit magician in Paris while working on plans to use the Eiffel Towel as his ticket home. He just needs a little "Smurf 'essence to fuel his magic and the two pictured above are the ones enlisted to get some. Smurfs 2 opens July 31, 2013.

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