The First Word Spoken In Star Wars: The Force Awakens Will Be...This?

Movie studios and fans are working at cross purposes these days. Disney is trying hard to prevent leaks and only give us all as much information as they want to, though there’s a natural inclination in people to try and solve mysteries, so the things we don’t know are the things we feel a need to find out. This leads fans, like late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, to look for any sort of new information, just to help satiate the thirst for Star Wars. So, when Kimmel had The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams on his show last night, he wanted to get something out of the man, but knowing he wouldn’t get anything big, he adjusted his request accordingly. Check out the news scoop below.

So now we know that the first spoken word of the new movie is "this." You didn’t think we’d give it away in the headline did you? The entertainment value isn’t so much in the news but the way it’s presented. The crowd goes wild and the word is thrown up on the screen, like Abrams just revealed the fate of Luke Skywalker.

The first word doesn’t actually tell us anything, although now it will allow us to better speculate over what the first sentence of the movie is. Maybe it’s "This dessert is really big" or possibly, "This Stormtrooper thing really isn’t doing it for me." This, of course, assumes that the first word is even part of a complete sentence. Maybe we’re joining the film in the middle of the action and some character has already said "I’ve got a bad feeling about…" before the scene begins. The possibilities are nearly endless. Hopefully this speculation will keep us busy for the next three weeks until the movie comes out.

We also get a clip from the film, although it’s one we’ve already seen. But it is a shot of TIE Fighters flying overhead, so that’s always cool.

We also want to thank Jimmy Kimmel for pointing out that "this" is an anagram of Sith. Actually, we just want to thank him because it means we weren't the only ones who thought about that. The Star Wars style font they used it makes it all the more obvious. We assume there really isn’t anything to this since Abrams brushes it off, but maybe that’s exactly what he wants us to think!

Ok, yeah, it’s true, we’re going a little Star Wars stir crazy, but we’re in good company because so is the rest of the world. We’re ok with that. We’ll be looking forward to Abrams' next TV appearance, where he’ll hopefully unveil the second spoken word. At this rate we figure we’ll have the first sentence by the time The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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