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Friends With Kids Poster Puts Stars On Level Playing Field

Actress turned writer/director Jennifer Westfeldt's soon-to-hit Friends With Kids has been building crazy buzz thanks predominantly to its funny and familiar cast that boasts four stars from the 2011 blockbuster Bridesmaids. In the wacky New York City-set comedy, Kristen Wiig and Westfeldt's real-life beau, Jon Hamm, play lovers once more. However, this time, instead of emotionally stunted booty call buddies, they portray overly amorous newlyweds. Meanwhile Wiig's Bridesmaids love interest Chris O'Dowd teams up with Wiig's on-screen BFF Maya Rudolph, as a pair of parents too exhausted to find time for sex. Then Westfeldt and Parks and Recreation crush-object Adam Scott fill out the cast as two long-time friends who decide to forgo a romantic relationship and become parents together.

Each member of this talented ensemble gets their glowy moment to shine in this latest poster, which you can check out below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

It's a far more egalitarian execution than the film's first promo poster, which debuted earlier this month. There, Westfeldt and Scott, who are the leads, were relegated to tiny windows off to the sides while Megan Fox, who has a minor role in the narrative, is front and center along with Wiig and Hamm. I understand the promotional strategy behind highlighting Friends With Kids' most famous (thereby most marketable) cast members, but the image below totally distorts the focus of the film.

From one to the next there has been some smart improvements. The new poster offers a cleaner design that more clearly sells the concept of the comedy. Plus, Fox and fellow supporting player Edward Burns are excluded except for their names, which are posited above the tagline and after the feature's biggest selling point: six charismatic and seriously solid comedic performers. Sure Wiig and Hamm are still front and center, but it's hard blame Lionsgate for reminding people of their fondness for one of the most-successful R-rated comedies of all time.

Friends With Kids opens March 9th and you can read more about it in our Blend Film Database.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.