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Full Nine Trailer With Screencaps

Hot on the heels of footage debuted earlier on Entertainment Tonight, the full trailer for Rob Marshall’s new musical Nine has appeared online. It’s based on the black and white Fellini movie 8 ½ and because of that, I really love the way they seem to have incorporated black and white footage into both the trailer and one presumes, the film. It’s a great contrast to the heavily shadowed, colorful images that have become the Chicago director’s hallmark. As you’d expect from Marshall, the trailer is a feast if stunning images and scantily clad dancing actresses. The likes of Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Marion Cotillard, and Penelope Cruz star alongside Daniel Day Lewis.

Check out the first ever trailer for Nine in high-res over at Apple (opens in new tab) where we presume some day they’ll finally figure out how to make their video embeddable so that people don’t steal them. While we wait for them to figure that out, I’ve also included some great screenshots from the trailer for you, below: