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Gael Garcia Bernal Is The Sound Of Cell Phones

Here in the States, we think of Gael Garcia Bernal as a kind of art house star, a figure in movies like Y Tu Mama Tambien and Blindness. But in his native Mexico, not only is he a major actor, but also, somehow, a rock star-- kinda. At the roundtable interviews for his new film Rudo y Cursi, both Bernal and director Carlos Cuaron explained how the song that Bernal's character records in the film has become a hit ringtone in Mexico.

"Gael's "Quiero Que Me Quieras" [Spanish version of "I Want You To Want Me"] became also a big hit, especially ringtone downloads," Cuaron explained, referencing the music video recorded by Bernal's character in hopes of becoming a huge star. "People are singing it on the street. The social impact that it has created is weird. "

Bernal added, "I was very surprised that the song became such a big hit, and it transcended into other things. The song is better known now that the film."

Rudo y Cursi opens this Friday, and we'll have more interviews with Bernal, co-star Diego Luna and Carlos Cuaron later this week. We'll also let you know if an American ringtone download becomes available.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend