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You’ve seen Weekend at Bernies (but hopefully not Weekend at Bernie’s II). And as ridiculous as the premise is, you know you always wanted to try it. You’d love to get some string, a funky little hat, a pair of sunglasses and see if you could pass off a dead person as alive. You just never had a readily available corpse to work with. Well, a couple of German ladies, Gilla Jarant and Anka Anusic, gave it the old Studienplatz try. According to Blackbook, they tried to pass off their husband/step-father as “sleeping” while getting on a plane to Berlin.

Authorities noticed something amiss when the “disabled” guy, Curt Willi Jurant, was, oh what’s the word, oh yeah: dead. The two women tried to get Curt on the plane, claiming he needed assistance. They loaded him on an airport taxi in the attempt to get him seated on the plane. The airport worker immediately noticed something was wrong when the guy wasn’t breathing, couldn’t lift his head up, and acted a little too much like Gary Busey. Hadn’t these ladies seen the movie? What they should have done was tied their hands and legs to Curt and done a little funky dance down the tarmac while making him wave to passersby.

Not to make light of the dead (probably too late), but what is going through your head when you load a dead person on board a plane? Luckily no reggae music started playing; the old guy would have started dancing in the aisles.

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