The Get Hard Red-Band Trailer Is Filthy In All The Best Ways

On March 27, Will Ferrell will begin serving hard time. But in order to prepare his white-collar criminal for some blood-red treatment behind bars, Ferrell has hired Kevin Hart for prison training. The red-band trailer for Etan Cohen’s Get Hard just dropped, and it’s like Oz by way of Trading Places, mixed with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker’s Friday. Check it out:

The jokes in this new red-band trailer aren’t too far off from the previous, lengthy trailer that dropped weeks ago (which I’m including below, for reference). This one just has raw language, naked Nazi women, and more prison sex jokes than you can shake a hand-made shiv at. The above clip ends with an extended visual gag about Will Ferrell’s character practicing giving Matt Walsh a blow job… you know, so that he’ll be better at it when he’s finally in jail, and forced to perform oral sex on his fellow inmates. Is that what happens in our nation’s jails? You lied to me, Scared Straight!

The premise of Etan Cohen’s Get Hard goes down as such: James King (Ferrell) is convicted of fraud and sentenced to a prison term in San Quentin State Prison. Fearing that he won’t be able to handle life in the joint, King hires the first black man he can find (Kevin Hart), assuming that he has been to prison simply because he’s black. If the concept doesn’t wildly offend you, then you likely are on board for the laughs that follow. The red-band clip us above. The safer, but still provocative, green-band clip is below:

The beauty of both Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart is that they rise and fall based on whom they are paired with. Their best comedies tend to click into place because a director of screenwriter found either Hart or Ferrell the right sparring partner, and so the idea of them running jokes off of each other is enough to get me in a theater to see Get Hard. Additionally, I was lucky enough to visit the set of the Warner Bros. comedy and watch the timing and approach of Ferrell and Hart play off of each other. I’ll have more on the site next week from that visit. For now, what do you think of the Get Hard trailers? Do you think these two are a funny pair?

Get Hard opens in theaters on March 27.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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