Nicolas Cage has been suggesting for a while now that he'd be game for Ghost Rider 2, and now such a horror has come to pass. Variety is reporting that David S. Goyer is in early talks to create the story for the sequel, and Cage will presumably be back for more given how excited he's sounded about it.

No word on whether the director of the first film, Mark Steven Johnson, will be back as well. In the Variety piece former Marvel head Avi Arad, who will produce Ghost Rider, also talked up some of the other Marvel properties that might find their way to the screen given the Disney acquisition-- Dr. Strange, Nick Fury, Power Pack, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers all got name checked, even though Fury and the Avengers are already part of ongoing movies. I guess he just want to remind everyone at every turn of just how many Marvel characters we're dealing with?

As for the Ghost Rider movie, the sequel seems to mostly be motivated out of Sony's desire to keep the property and not cede it do Disney. They can't keep the movie in development forever with no progress, of course, but I wouldn't expect to see this one actually coming to fruition any time soon.

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