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Thus far, the marketing for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla has done a very good job hiding the giant beasts it features, either only featuring them in quick shots or hiding their features with camera angles, smoke, and/or debris. With this brand new trailer for the film it would appear that the marketing department has thrown that original plan completely out the window.

So what kind of crazy, monster action did we get to see in this brand new spot, which comes to us via Godzilla's official Facebook page? Let's break it down, starting with this weird looking thing:


Is this part of a monster? Is it some kind of egg pouch? Whatever it is, it looks like it's just a small part of some much larger thing that is planted buried underground, and that some kind of scientific or government organization has it on total lock down.


Skipping forward a bit, this is by far the best clear view we've seen of the other monster in Godzilla, which is apparently named Muto. While he isn't quite as tall as the King of the Monsters, he makes up for that fact by having a huge pair of wings and eight legs.


Of course, Godzilla isn't going to be totally over-shadowed in a trailer for a movie named after him. Here we can see the God-like monsters foot come crashing down in a populated area with some pretty gigantic windows. But enough of the legs, torso and arms - let's see this dude's head!


There we go! Godzilla looks all kinds of pissed off here, but I find myself wondering, who is the target of all this rage? If I'm not mistaken, this clip was actually featured in the footage I saw at WonderCon earlier this month, which would mean that he is in fact roaring at Muto.


Getting back to the other monster in this movie, here we have yet another shot of Muto, but here he is a bit hidden by distance and darkness. Can we get a better look?


How does this grab you?! This shot almost undoubtedly comes from a scene in the third act and therefore might be considered spoiler-y, but I don't really care. At this point, who doesn't know that monsters are going to be battling in Godzilla?


And just for posterity, here's yet another shot of Godzilla's mighty roar.

We couldn't possibly be more pumped for the film, which will be in theaters May 16th.

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