Golden Globes Poll: Was Kate Winslet Really That Shocked Or Is She Just A Good Actress?

The first award at the Golden Globes was given out for Best Supporting Actress and it went to Kate Winslet for Steve Jobs. She appeared to be absolutely thunderstruck, but what she really? Winslet is, after all, a professional actress. Are you buying this?

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From all outward appearances Kate Winslet appeared to have no idea she was going to win. She needs to confirm with the people sitting around her that she actually heard her name. There is more than a little evidence that her shock was genuine. To start off Steve Jobs has been nearly forgotten. Nobody went to see it. While box office receipts have little to do with whether on not a movie, or any single performance, is any good, the fact is that people vote for the movies they remember and it’s easy for a box office bomb to be forgotten.

In addition, the competition for the award was stiff. Jennifer Jason Leigh has been getting rave reviews in The Hateful Eight, and in addition there were a pair of Hollywood heavyweights nominated in Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren. It wouldn’t be the first time than an actor’s previous work helped them win an award. Finally, add the well loved Alicia Vikander from Ex Machina and the odds were certainly against her.

At the same time, The Golden Globes love Kate Winslet. She gets nominated every couple of years whether she needs to be or not. She had to think that she had a shot, right? At the very least she wasn’t that surprised. At the end of the day you get nominated, you must have a chance of winning, and Kate Winslet has won her share of Awards.

It's also possible that she had just forgotten that her category was about to be announced. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill had begun their presentation with Hill wearing a mask and claiming to be bear from The Revenant. It...wasn’t good. The bear bit fell pretty flat, so Kate Winslet may have just been shocked that an award was given out amidst all of that.

We'll go ahead and give Kate Winslet the benefit of the doubt. Steve Jobs lost a lot of its awards buzz when the box office didn't do so well, but clearly it didn't lose the Hollywood Foreign Press's attention and appreciation. What do you guys think? Was the shock legit, or was it just a show of supreme ability? ...Or was it the bear.

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