When's a comic not a comic? When it's a "graphic novel". The term used by 30 year old men to try and avoid being labelled as comic-book geeks is currently running second only to traditional comic book adaptations in the speed at which studios are snapping them up.

Usually these graphic novels try to take some interesting twist on an established genre. So it is with Hack/Slash, the latest comic book licence to be picked up by a studio, in this case, Rogue Pictures.

Hack/Slash would appear to be what you get if you put Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a blender with 80s horror movies. Cassie Hack is apparently a young woman who travels across the country in hunt of supernatural series of killers in the vein of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, and Michael Myers. Worrying are some reviews of the comics I have found, they cast the books as parody.

Todd Lincoln will write and direct. Lincoln is also responsible for the thankfully as-yet dead-in-the-water remake of The Fly and his biggest credit to-date is that old chestnut - the music video director.

I feel remarkably underwhelmed by this project, how about you?

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