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The Call, the new film from director Brad Anderson, isn't about one crime, but rather two. The story begins when a 9-1-1 operator (Halle Berry) accidentally gets a young kidnapped woman murdered by serial killer. While she's permanently affected by the horror of the incident, years later she gets her chance at redemption when she learns about another young woman (Abigail Breslin) that same killer had captured and works to save her. But that's not the story present in the film's latest theatrical trailer.

Instead, the new preview is much more cut and dry, completely eliminating the older crime from the plot. In fact, watching this one in comparison to the one that came out last month you'd almost think that this is the sequel. Check out the trailer below, courtesy of Moviefone.

I'm not a professional trailer editor or anything, but is it really a great idea to have the last words of a preview be, "You're not gonna want to see that"? Perhaps they are trying to work a bit of reverse psychology into the mix?

Joking aside, this trailer may not present everything the movie is about, but it is stylish and atmospheric, much of which can be attributed to Anderson's direction. For those unfamiliar with the filmmaker's work, he first broke out on the scene with the truly chilling Session 9 in 2001 and followed that up with 2004's The Machinist, which Christian Bale famously lost 174 pounds to be in. His track record is solid - albeit Vanishing on 7th Street wasn't all that great - so don't write off off his latest just yet.

The Call will be in theaters March 15th.