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The recent release of Deadpool has become an unequivocal hit and turned Wade Wilson himself into a bonafide R-rated star. As is the case with all stars, it now becomes a question of what Deadpool will do with his newfound fame next. Many people have called for the Marvel character to host the hit NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, but based upon some audio that has just leaked, the character has his own take on that particular matter. Check it out below.

As you can tell from the audio recording, Deadpool has his own opinions about SNL, and he isn’t afraid to share them. During the rant he goes off on how he is more influential than numerous other things by varying perecentages, ranging from MC Hammer, the KIA Sorrento, Wolverine, and shredded cheese. Somehow he’s less influential than Urban Dictionary, but we don’t exactly know why he thinks that.
Of course we all know what this audio recording is poking fun at. As we already reported, rapper audio recently leaked of rapper Kanye West throwing a tantrum behind the scenes at SNL. During the recording he makes some fairly bold statement – the most absurd of which being the notion that he’s 50% more influential than any other person, dead or alive, for the next thousand years. We’re not even sure how one would quantify something like that into percentages, but at the time he seemed too angry for anyone to even bother correcting him.

Before I go any further I need to make one thing clear: fans are petitioning to have Deadpool host Saturday Night Live, and not Ryan Reynolds. If that’s not one of the coolest things to hear as a contemporary comic book geek then I don’t know what is. Alas, it looks as though we won’t get to see it happen, but the fact that people are even talking about the possibility seems like an amazing step for the character.
Look, at the end of the day we just want one very important thing: to see Wade Wilson walk onto the Saturday Night Live stage and host the shit out of that show. As of now it does not seem like it’s going to happen any time soon, but Wade Wilson is nothing if not erratic, so perhaps the hope remains alive that he will experience a change of heart on the matter.