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Legendary Pictures is taking a slightly backwards approach in their attempt to get a biopic made about Jimi Hendrix. Even though countless other Hendrix biopics have been derailed when the singer's estate refused to cooperate, Legendary is going ahead with their project without approval-- and are hoping the estate will come on board eventually. Hubris or desperation? You decide.

Variety writes that Legendary's CEO Thomas Tull will produce alongside Bill Gerber, and newbie Max Borenstein will write the script. Tull also produced the recent guitar documentary It Might Get Loud, so clearly he's got Stratocasters on the brain. Does that mean he's any more likely to get the Hendrix rights? Or are we going to wind up with a version of Hendrix's life like the "Janie Jimplin" story on 30 Rock? Personally, I'd be a lot more interested in the latter.

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