Here's One Clue That Captain America: Civil War Is About To Make A Fortune

It was essentially a foregone conclusion that Captain America: Civil War was going to be a big movie. Blockbuster movies have blockbuster opening weekends, it always happens. However, when you compare one big movie to others, the math begins to look quite different. It’s beginning to look like Civil War may start out even bigger than other Marvel Studios movies, and that’s saying something. The ticket pre-sales for Civil War are outpacing every other film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Online ticket seller Fandango is reporting that Captain America: Civil War has currently sold more tickets than either of the two Avengers films, or Captain America: The Winter Soldier had done at this point in their cycle. Those numbers are huge. The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron respectively, have the third and fourth highest grossing opening weekends ever at this point, so if Civil War is currently doing better than that, it means the movie could be looking at an absolutely massive box office.

The one caveat that should be pointed out is that Fandango’s details specify only that Captain America: Civil War is out grossing other Marvel movies. It’s not clear how it’s doing compared to non-Marvel properties. We know that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set a record by pre-selling more tickets than any other superhero film. While, with two weeks left before release, it’s still possible Civil War could break that record itself, a lack of mention of how it’s doing compared to Dawn of Justice could mean that it isn’t quite doing as well as its DC competition.

While it’s possible to parse every box office record in such a way as to make every movie look like the most successful ever, it still says quite a bit that Captain America: Civil War looks like it won’t simply be another big movie, but may find itself among the upper echelon of the genre. Civil War has been receiving very strong reviews, as it’s predecessor Captain America: The Winter Soldier did as well. Many fans view The Winter Soldier as the best of the MCU to date. All of this combined with the fact that Civil Wars feels like an Avengers film, as it’s packed full of as many, actually more, heroes as those films have had, adds up to a movie that may not simply be the best Marvel movie to date, which is great for fans, but also the most financially successful, which is great for the studio.

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Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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