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Hero Blend #46: What We Want To See From The Man Of Steel In Batman v Superman

Over the past year or so, news and updates about Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have set up the 2016 blockbuster as a gateway to a larger DC Cinematic Universe, but there is another big responsibility that it carries. With the return of Henry Cavill’s Superman, Amy Adams’ Lois Lane, Lawrence Fishburne’s Perry White and Diane Lane’s Martha Kent, the film is very much expected to be a sequel to Man of Steel that further develops the Kryptonian superhero. But what exactly does and should that mean?

Certainly one of the biggest controversies surrounding Man of Steel was both the fact that Superman wound up killing General Zod and, in the run-up, decimated a huge chunk of Metropolis. Furthermore, after he puts on the blue tights and cape in the movie, we never actually get to see him really be heroic; instead, he is merely the alien who fights off the destructive forces that are only there because of him anyway. At the start of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - even if the plot does jump forward in time - there’s a good chance that the public in Superman’s world aren’t going to know what to make of the superhero – and that includes characters like Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne.

The idea of where Superman should be as a character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is definitely a complex one with many potential avenues of exploration, so luckily I have William Bibbiani of Crave Online and The B-Movies Podcast on this week’s Hero Blend to help sort all of it out. Hit the play button above!

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