Hit Girl Says News On Kick-Ass 2 Is All Rumor

Last week I had a chance to sit in on a roundtable with Aaron Johnson, who played the title character in the sadly under-performing Kick-Ass earlier this year. When I brought up the topic of the sequel, Johnson said that the project pretty much falls into Matthew Vaughn's hands at this point, and he's now in Oxford directing X-Men: First Class. The quotes seemed to belie the confident comments made by comic creator Mark Millar, and Chloe Moretz, who is currently promoting Let Me In, seems to share Johnson's hesitance.

Speaking with Collider, Moretz came out an flatly said that everything we've heard about a possible sequel is rumor at this point. Said the young actress, while she would love to don Hit-Girl's purple wig and schoolgirl skirt again, there hasn't been any forward motion with the project.

Yeah, I’d totally love to be Hit Girl again, but I don’t know about Kick-Ass 2. Everyone’s like, “It’s just been announced!,” but I’m like, “No, it hasn’t. That’s all rumor.” I honestly don’t even know anymore. I don’t know anything about a second one. All I know is that there’s a second comic called “Balls to the Wall.” Hopefully, that will happen.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the first film and I've been optimistic up to this point, but it's becoming a challenge. There was an expectation that the film would make back it's budget in the first week, but it barely made half. Overall, the numbers for the film aren't that bad, with the international figures totaling nearly $100 million, but that might not be enough. I'm will continue to hold out hope, but we might just have to settle with the comic book.

Eric Eisenberg
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