Hitchcock Re-Imagined

With the flurry of remakes hitting theaters these days, I’ve pretty much resigned myself to them. There was a time when I might have gotten all upset about a Hitchcock movie being redone, but by now I’m used to the potential remaking of anything and everything. Besides, this is one of his low points: The Birds.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Bay is on his way to remaking the dubious Hitchcock bird attack classic. Hitchcock’s movie was adapted from the story of the same name, but having read the story let me assure you of its superiority to Hitch’s vision. Therein lies the potential for greatness in the concept being redone. Hitch’s movie did a piss poor job as a straight up adaptation, and bears very little resemblance to the original story beyond the conceit of very angry birds. The original short story by Daphne Du Maurier is more in the vein of a bird apocalypse, while in Alfred’s take we have absolutely no idea what’s going on… not even by the end of the movie.

If Christopher Reeve can remake Rear Window, go ahead and take a shot at The Birds. Unlike Rear Window it’s a movie that might improve with remaking.