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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Marvel Comics in general, are more than excited for the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War. The newest venture into the MCU will have almost all of the heroes introduced throughout the first two phases engage in an epic battle against one another. One of the big questions around Civil War is how will the movie be able to give all of the respective characters enough screen time, and enough material to make us actually care about which side they are on? Director Anthony Russo recently opened up about how such a large ensemble of actors were wrangled and utilized throughout the third Captain America film:
Even though it's Cap's movie, and the ultimate way we decide where to go with the film is filtered through Cap's perspective, we do take time and walk ourselves through the story from every single character's point of view as if it’s their movie. We know how important these characters are. We love these characters ourselves. We know that there's somebody sitting out there in the audience whose favorite character is that one, even if that character has only a few scenes in the movie. We want to make sure everyone's coming to the movie and it's going to get a lot of satisfaction and have a lot of fun with what's being done with their favorite character in the movie, regardless of who it is. We work really hard to do a lot and do something special with characters who may only have limited screen time in the film.

Well, it certainly appears that the Russo brothers knew exactly how they were going to approach all of the respective stories in Captain America: Civil War. Those of us who love the Marvel Cinematic Universe can take a collective sigh of relief as it appears that we’ll be seeing all of the stories explored in Civil War

While I may have been originally worried about the sheer size of Civil War, Anthony Russo’s statement, which comes to thanks to Comicbook.com, actually made me more excited for the upcoming superhero movie. Some of the characters involved haven’t been especially deep or given exciting material in the past, so it seems we may be getting a more personal view into the psyche of Earth’s mightiest heroes. After all, the Russo brothers will have to tell the audience how and why each Avengers choses a side. While some motives, like Scarlet Witch’s disdain for Tony Stark, were introduced in earlier films, other characters like Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Ant-Man may need to be more fleshed out in order to explain their motives. 

Captain America: Civil War will be smashing into theaters on May 6th. You can check out the epic trailer for the film below.